Ark of Awareness - Art for a New Awareness

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In the ancient story, an ark was built to preserve the many creatures that lived on land from a deluge which would inundate the whole Earth. Today, all of civilization and the very diversity of life that sustains us are threatened by a rising tide of disasters including human over-population and poverty, climate change, nuclear proliferation, pandemics, air pollution, water pollution and scarcity, constant wars, collapsing economies and the list goes on and on.

Underlying all these problems, the preeminent issue of our age, is human awareness. From one perspective, the ancient version of human awareness limited by fear, anger, greed, reproductive drives, tribal affiliations, ignorance and self-centeredness is the greatest destructive force on Earth. It is no longer adaptive as it was in the Stone Age.

On the other hand, a collective of humans who embody even a little of the new awareness, an awakened, relaxed and observant big picture awareness, has the potential to be the greatest healing and creative force on Earth. A new ark is needed, an ark of awareness.

The ark of awareness has the following components:

(1) Individual humans whose outlook is informed by evidence based truth, that is, all the sciences including but not limited to astronomy, physics, astrophysics, cosmology, all forms of chemistry, biology, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, human evolution, neuroscience, planetary environmental and ecological studies, populations dynamics and every other science as well as all the engineering disciplines. In addition, this outlook is informed by self-evident truths, facts that can be observed directly, such as, the inevitability of death and the fact that our bodies and our breath are always in the Now, past and future are mental constructs.

With these evidence based and self-evident truths, the biggest possible picture is constructed in the mind which excludes nothing and includes all of the Earth and the Universe.

(2) Add to these big picture minds an ability to embody present centered awareness. This present centered awareness observes in an eternal now and is free from identification with any belief or totalitarian ideology. It is a function of the whole body which is always in the Now. It contains, but is not identified with or limited by, the self-centered little story of me.

(3) An awakening collection of people who are enjoying the transformative effects of this new awareness and wish to connect with others in an effort to preserve civilization, all life on Earth and to propel humanity to its next evolutionary step in the face of overwhelming disaster and calamity.

The images at this website are multilevel illustrations of some of the key realizations needed to spark the new awareness in the awakening mind and to begin the construction of the ark of awareness.